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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Caricature order from Italy

I have to say I really love this caricature, especially the proportion of this Mitsubishi Triton, and the big wheel.
The biggest difference here is that I only use fountain pen for this caricature, instead of the usual G-Pen and brush. The main reason is that I think I can get better linework with my fountain pen here, in terms of the geometry of the car. (Another very minor reason is I am quite pissed off with another 'copy cat'. When I mentioned in my blog, that I use G-pen for my caricatures, he started using it too. Welles tells me that maybe I should mention that I use G-string. Hahaha..... See how he figures out to use it for drawing. Just kidding.)
Caricature Mitsubishi Triton
Back to this drawing, I pay extra attention to the details tyre track. I want to make it look 3-dimensional. Took longer than usual for this job, as I fall in love with car caricatures recently.
Anyway, the result is satisfying.
The client is residing in Ancona, near Rimini in Italy.
Quite near to Pietra Ligure (a very nice place) which I went last June.
He didn't request for the original artwork to be shipped to him, just need the high resolution scanned-in softcopy to be uploaded to my server for him to download.

Feedback from him:-
very nice pictures

thank you very much"

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cool.. you put it in your blog... :D

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