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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Graduation portraits in colourpencil

family graduation portraits in colourpencil
This client used to order some caricatures from me last November.
This time for her mum, as they don't really have a nice studio-taken graduation shot.
So, she passed me an album with all those outdoor graduation shots.
My job as to put them together in 1 drawing.
The painful side here was the lighting are not the same for all these shots.
Close lighting direction one, either the smile isn't good, or not sharp.
After some painful decisions, I chose these 3 photos.
Got to lighten the shadows/shades on the mum's and daughter's faces. Added in some shades on the son's face, so that they looked like they are all snapped together in one shot.
The daughter (client) requested to have her hair long. Thus, some imagination here.

To be frank, I don't realy like to draw graduation portraits, especially the graduation gown and mortar boards in colourpencil, as my black colourpencil isn't dark enough. I have to put in extra effort to make it dark. This is especially worse when I am using the cross-hatching method. However, this is my profession. Got to do it nice and good-looking, even though it takes up more time and effort. Thankfully, shortly after the client collected the portraits, I received an email from her:-

"A short thank you note

Hi Jit,
Just to drop you a note that my mom likes the portriat you have drawn. It's really beautiful and looks like us. Thanks!

Best Regards,
Patricia Mah"


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