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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wedding @ Chicago

Getting quite a number of oversea orders lately.
This is an order from Chicago, USA.

"Hi Jit - We would like to have you do a caricature for us that we would like to use for our wedding invitation. I've attached three pictures of us. Hopefully the quality on these images are good enough for you to do the drawing from.

We want our caricature to be similar in style to this one:

Since we are using it for a wedding invitation card, we would like you to draw it in a similar fashion as that caricature with the following ideas:

- Please do not exaggerate or enlarge our smiles/mouths too much
- Please no crooked smiles
- Please have the groom in a tuxedo with a black bowtie (not the long tie) and the bride in a white wedding gown holding a red flower bouquet
- Please have the groom carrying the bride (like in the caricature above)
- Please have the Chicago skyline as the background of our caricature (emphasize Sears Tower and other Chicago landmarks - as in this picture
- Please have the groom on the left side of the picture and the bride on the right side (like in the caricature above)
- Please do the drawing in landscape format (width of picture is greater than height)
- Since we are using this for our invitation, could you please make the edges of the caricature end nicely (as in the caricature above) with no straight edges so we can manuever the graphic on our wedding card for a better layout.

In addition to the actual physical drawing, we would like you to do a high-resolution scan so we can access the caricature via Internet and download it.

How long do you think it will take you to finish our caricature so we can download it? We are excited to see how it will turn out. We do not need express, just normal timing and shipping for the actual caricature.

Please send us a quote and we will send you the payment via Paypal asap.


--Phuc and Sherry "

Caricatures couple wedding @ Chicago A4
Seems like there's still market for pretty caricatures oversea.
They don't want to look awful and exaggerated in the caricatures, and in their wedding invitation card.
In fact, I am very tempted to draw his crooked smile when I saw his photo. Hahaha....... but as a professional artist, I should draw what the client requested.

As soon as I get the caricatures done, I scan it at high resolution and uploaded to my server for them to download. These files are just too huge to be sent via email. The original artwork is then posted out to them via registered and normal shipping mail.

Feedback from the client upon seeing the downloaded artwork:-
"Jit - The caricature looks great."

Yes!!! Hit rate getting higher and higher. I need to keep it up.

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