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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Caricature of Nani

Think Nani should be famous for his somersault on the soccer field, based on the photos I saw online. Tried some somersault postures for him, but look wierd, and not feasible for mobile wallpaper. Graphically, it doesn't work.
Caricature of Nani pencil sketch watermark
Thus, I picked on this posture which I saw on one of his wallpaper.
Caricature of Nani ink watermark
Is sticking his tongue out to the right one of his favourites?
Guess so. That's why I picked this photo.
Caricature of Nani colour watermark
Don't want his face looked too brown and too dark.
I cut down on the amount of dark brown colours, add in some grey shades. Seems like it works better than the Thierry Henry's caricature.

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