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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Caricature theme - Man-U fans & Babysitter

Client's brief:-
".....where the theme is dad's hobbies is watching manchester united play on mom's a housewife (cooking and cleaning) and she babysits's their 30th wedding anniversary...."

Couple caricatures 39th wedding anniversary Man-U fans and Babysitter
I chose the babysitting for the mom.
I think it can create some interaction and conflict with the dad who is watching Man-U soccer on television.
I have her babysitting the hungry and crying baby, and the dad ignoring her. She's so pissed off and knock the sofa his sitting in. To make it more comical, I have the Man-U soccer player seeing this scenario from the tv he's in. Not so sweet as a wedding anniversary gift. Hahaha...... but since the client lets me have a free play on the caricature, I decided to give it a shot.
The blue-striped (textile) cushion is what I like to draw in the last decade. Put it in again after so many years. Nostalgia?! Could be.

Email from the client:-
"Hi Jit,
When my sister brought the caricature home, i was amazed at how
close the resemblance was.
my parents saw the caricature and they were most surprised and pleased
with it. it was a very memorable wedding anniversary for them.
wishing you all the best in your career.
May you continue to produce such magical work.


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