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Monday, May 26, 2008

Caricature of Michael Ballack

Michael Ballack
When I first saw this photo, I have the urge to start caricaturing him.
I believe I will enjoy the whole drawing process.
The client also wanted me to emphasize on the lips.
This is what I am thinking too.
Beside this, the curly hairstyle, deeply sunken and droopy eyes, and eyebrows.

Caricature of Michael Ballack pencil sketch watermark
The pencil sketch is done. Here, I determine where the shading will be done.
I emphasize on his cheek bones, with a slightly more off-centre nose and lips. Since I drew him holding the soccer ball, my next inspiration is to get him kissed the ball.

Caricature of Michael Ballack ink watermark
Inking done. Quite a lot of substance are gone when the pencil lines are erased. If I don't scan it as a record, the pencil sketch will never be seen. I think it is a shame.

Caricature of Michael Ballack colour watermark
Though I like the raw and original pencil sketch, with the colours shaded in, I like this coloured caricature more. It is a more refined version. Totally different feel.
Shiok! I must say I am really having fun with this caricature.

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