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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Caricature theme - jogging @ East Coast Park

These orders were placed together with the previous caricatures, just that this 2 orders were not urgent.
Caricature colour lady 130508
This one for her own keepsake.
See the difference in pencil and colour.

Couple caricatures jogging at East Coast Park
This one for her boyfriend. She requested a jogging theme at East Coast Park.
Significant features of the park is the pavillion, the barbeque pit, and the green trash bin, along the beach.
I like to put in cartoon snail or tortoise in my caricatures 10 over years ago, when I just started drawing caricatures. After so many years, I put them in again. No specific reason. Just to add some touch to the drawing.

Feedback I get from the client:-
"Dearest Jit,

I have received the caricature - East Coast theme! Wowwwwwwwwww!!! I love it soooo much! Thanks so much! I love it the moment it caught my eyes! Im sure my boyfriend will love the drawing! Thanks so much Jit for your effort.

By the way Jit, you happened to draw one very important item in my picture -- which is the shelter hut along East Coast Running Track. Haha, by coincidence, my bf and I got together at one of the hut there 2 years ago. Wow, when I saw the hut - the drawing, I thought it adds on MORE meanings to the drawing! Lovely!

Appreciate it! Thanks once again!

With lots of thanks,

Such clients are lovely. Not because of the compliments, but the feedback they gave. At least, I know how they feel about my work, from their feedback.

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