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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cover illustration for CNB

Finally done.
Part and parcel for illustrations.
Be Cool, Say No revised sketch
Clinets usually need to see the pencil sketches.

Cover illustration Be Cool Say No A4 lineart
Revised, fine-tune, and outline it.
Shortened the hands of the 2 teens on the left, as I felt that they were too long.

Cover illustration Be Cool Say No A4 colour
Coloured in Photoshop.
My approach this round is gardient for background, added in texture and shades.
As for the characters, I used flat colours, to give it a more cartoon effect.
The shades are already taken into consideration in the linework earlier, so that the overall effect doesn't look flat and dead. As I have expected, the final effect is quite different from the initial pencil sketch, when colours are added in. Not that it became worse, but looks so much cleaner now.

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