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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Caricatures for Philip Morris - Imperial theme

A farewell gift this big boss.
They wanted to portray him as the Emperor, while the rest will be his subjects.
As they were 52 of them, I have to draw these caricatures on A1 size paper. However, the biggest marker paper available in the market is only A2 size. Thus, I had to join 2 A2 size marker paper together. To join together without making the joint part obvious, I came out of the concept that the more important people on the top, while the sales executive etc will be at the bottom. The split line is where the steps started. Background will be The Forbidden City, Great Wall of China, a flag with Philip Morris Singapore logo, and a big banner of “天下太平” (World of Peace).
Their initial idea was to have about 120 of them (Nearly broke the record of Coca-Cola of 88 caricatures). But due to budget reason, they cut down the number of caricatures to be drawn. Saw those silhouettes in the background at the lower portion of the artwork? They were the sales force team.

2 pieces of A2 drawings done separately.

The inked version. I didn't change their hairstyle or removed their glasses, just added in some headset and porny tails, so that they can still identify themselves in the caricatures, as they were so used to one another's features, including their glasses which became part of their facial features.

The scanned version on top, and digital camera taken version below. Did you see any difference?

2 photos snapped by my son. See the huge size of the drawing when join together? The size of the faces, however, were real small. Hard to draw at this scale, with resemblance.

The framed version. A specially made frame, with 2 pieces of glass holding the A2 printout (The client will be bringing this oversea. Thus they have to make this portable by printing the scanned version into A2 size) and signatures and photo of the salesmen together. The glass border made the whole artwork floated. Can't really tell from these photos as I didn't snap it against a plain colour background. Can't find such space in my shop when they were taken.

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