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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Caricature theme - Liverpool soccer player

The caricatures and puzzle were meant as an anniversary gift from the client to her boy boy.
Thought this jersey was the Manchester United team one. Just Googled it and found out that this was the Liverpool jersey. Luckily the jersey image was provided by the client. No mistake made.
She wanted her boy boy holding the trophy in one hand, while the other hand on her waist. She would be cheering for him. Setting was in a stadium.

She had the caricatures scanned and made into an A4 puzzle. See the quality difference (first on top) in flat bed high resolution scanning and those taken with camera one. The former was so much better.

She even spent on metal engraving (first time for individual order), framed up with the caricature drawing.
Think this anniversary meant a lot to her.

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