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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Order from United States

Caricature Golfer
This client wanted a similar design which she saw on my blog, but to add in a buggy in the background. She even called me from US to make sure everything goes smoothly and receive the softcopy at her side on the 18th June 2008.
I did the ink outline in Kuantan. Didn't bring my colour markers along with me, as I don't wish to bring too many stuff with me for this trip. Did the colouring when back in Singapore. Completed it on the 17th June, scanned it at high resolution, uploaded the files to my server, and provided her the links (of different sizes) for her to download and print on her side.

Feedback from her:-
"Thank you very much Jit, I love the caricature. I will let you know what he thinks of it too :)
Thanks again. "

"He absolutely loved it Jitt. Thank you so very much."

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