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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Caricature for Ice Man Studios flash animation

This client told me that he used to worked in Clarke Quay, as bartender, about 15 years ago.
He saw my drawings when I was drawing in Clarke Quay.
He needed a caricature for one of his client's job for animation.
Thus, he searched online for 'Clarke Quay caricature artist' and found me.
So touched. Still got people searching for me.

A nice guy and extremely polite. Keeps thanking me for rushing out this job despite my tight schedule.

His brief:-
"Do kindly help me to sketch it out in pencil line drawings. As mentioned I need to retrace your art using Adobe Illustrator and ultimately place the image into Flash for the purpose of animation. We will be animating the head and mouth portion as the person will be speaking.

The actual character will be shown wearing a suit and he will be also waving his hands as he speaks.

We did the very first one as a draft however, we would like your help for the professional sketch. Do kindly view the example here are "

Caricature in pencil for flash animation
My another piece of exploring new style.
Wilfred told me that my style didn't change much. Needs to 突破!
Told him I have reached bottleneck. When you reached a certain level, it is hard to climb up another level.
Now I changed to another style. He said too much different from my usual style. Don't look ugly, but he is too comfortable with my usual style. Sudden change makes him hard to accept. Too much variation.
Piang!!! Luckily he's not my client. So hard to please. Asked him to take a nap in that usual style. Close his eyes, while I explore. Anyway, I am building on my usual style. I think it looks quite good.

Client's feedback upon receiving this caricature:-
"Thanks! Nice, very nice!"

Ok what?! Cannot please him only ma. Why makes thing so difficult? Most importantly, my client accept it. Hahaha......
More to come, my friend! Heehee........

Anyway, good to have feedback too..... to make my art and blog more interesting!

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