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Monday, June 02, 2008


Email from a visitor:-

"Hi Jit,

Came across your website while searching for 'caricatures' in SG.
Yours is the first one! I have spent more than an hour browsing your
website (can't finish it). Am deeply impressed by your dedication to
your craft and though worried that your competitors might copy your
style, you still put your work up in high resolution. Thank you so
much! Your website really gave me great pleasure browsing through all
your works.

Would like to request for a caricature in color with a theme. It's a
wedding gift for my very best friend, but I'm afraid it's not in
enough time for it (12 Jun) since I just came across your website
today. Am so looking forward to working with you next Jan. (Her
wedding is in March)

Until then, keep up the fantastic work and constant upgrading of skills!


Sure! I will. Thank you, Sherry! :D

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