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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Group caricatures for JP Morgan

Group caricatures for JP Morgan pencil sketch
Group caricatures for JP Morgan ink and brush outline
Group Caricatures JP Morgan
This is the one.
Finally done! Can take a breath, before moving on.
This client initially wanted a single caricature with theme for the main guy.
Later, she dropped the idea. - will keep me in mind next time.
Thus, I took in the Ernst & Young order.
Then she called me in the afternoon, said wants to proceed.
But now 7 caricatures without theme.
Stressed. She increased it to 9 caricatures in her next call.
Even more stressed.

Anyway, I managed to finish this order on time. Job almost done.

Next is to get this colour artwork to print on a crystal plaque.
The client will present this scanned-in softcopy to her boss first.
The plaque will only be ready and given to him, in about a weeks time.
Will post up the photos when it is done.

Feedback from the client:-
"Hi Jit... tks for the picture !...
its cute.. guess only person who dun look alike real person is me (as u
used the D&D photo.. dun really look like the usual me !.. ) and Sasha (it
too me awhile to recognise her ... !!

Anyway, was nice and tks for accepting despite a rush job. Let me know
when its crystalised and maybe can we arrange to meet somewhere in town for
me to pick it up? We'll co-ordinate again then. Tks again Jit ! Cheers !"

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