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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Caricature for Shell

Client's brief:-
"Theme : Neil standing next to the ferrari sport car or sitting inside. It would be nice to have his name "NEIL" printed on his shirt. As for the shell logo, can we have as the car's number plate?

Wordings : Happy Birthday Neil
Love from the babes : Vera, Becky & Eveline "

Caricature  on Ferrari for Shell
Searched online for Ferrari images, and found this model looked rather unique.
Chose this since the client didn't specify any specific model.

No place for the number plate. Thus I put the Shell logo right below the Ferrari logo.
Tilted the road up, to enhance the speedy effect.
As the rims looked unique, I didn't draw them spinning in motion.
The motion lines were only drawn within the rims.
Looking back at this completed artwork, I should have drawn the rims in motion. It would have looked better.

The client called me asking for quotes for her upcoming company's gift for 2 new coming staffs, after she received the drawing from the courier. Told her that I will be adjusting my prices pretty soon, to cut down my increasing heavy workload. Better place her orders fast before the change.

Next day, I received her sms:-
"Jit, thanks for e caricature. My boss like it very much. Thanks a lot."

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