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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Caricature theme - house husband and the Queen

Client's brief:-

"Hi Jit,

Thanks for the time on the phone earlier. As spoken, I need to get a caricature drawing of my aunt and uncle. It's their 25th Wedding anniversary. My uncle likes to play golf and my aunt is pretty much a tai tai. Maybe we could use that as a theme or what will be funnier is to have the roles reversed. As in, my uncle is domesticated and my auntie is queen of the house? What do you think? .....
What will the size be?And also I would like it in frames. Maybe a dark brown or black frame?Depending on the colours you use in the piece. .....
Thanks Jit. I trust that it'll be a great piece!Seen some of your work on your blog.All looks great!

........ Sorry I forgot to mention earlier. I'd like to have the words "HAPPY 25TH ANNIVERSARY".

And somewhere at the corner, "From the Kumars, the Rajah Rethnams and Maniam"

Couple caricatures Queen and Househusband
Something different here, if you do notice.
I use the Stamp Pens, which I bought for my kids' drawing purpose few days back.
I intend to use these pens one of these days in my drawings.
Now, I have the chance.
The special thing about these pens is when you draw over the coloured parts with the stamp nib(at the other end of the pen), the colour will change. This is great in creating special effects, especially for textiles.
See the result. I like it. As I am experimenting with it, I notice that it is a water-based colour pen. It smudges with my water-based ink outline, but not the alcohol-based markers. Hmmmm.. Something to take note for my future drawings working with these pens......

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