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Monday, June 09, 2008

Caricature of Franck Ribery

Franck Ribery
Think the most exciting part about this Franck Ribery's photo is his crooked front tooth, and the exposed gum. That's why I started with him first. (The client gave me another 3 names of the soccer star to work with, for the current round.)
Checked on Soccernet and can't believe he's 25 years old this year.
Thought he is at least 36 years old.

Caricature of Franck Ribery pencil sketch watermark
Inspired by his rugged look, I go for a bolder approach.
Made him look more 'insane' with a big mouth, crooked tooth, exposed gum. broader forehead, and receding hairline, complete with saliva.

Caricature of Franck Ribery ink watermark
Achieved quite a lot of satisfaction from the inking of this caricature.

Caricature of Franck Ribery colour watermark
Put in the highlights on his face, to achieve a more 3 dimensional feel to this caricature.
His 'insane' look reminded of those characters which I saw in my favourite Hong Kong comics 天下 ~ 风云. I have his both hands (palm in claw posture) stretched out to enhance this feel.

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