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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Group caricatures for UBS

The Client's wife ordered a group caricatures from me previously. He likes it a lot, and thus wanted to get a farewell group caricatures for this gentleman. His hobbies are riding Harley-Davidson bike and playing with Fender electric guitar.
Came up with this pencil sketch, with him in the centre, while his colleagues surrounding him. He has stayed in Singapore for sometime. Hence, Singapore landmarks like Esplanade, Merlion, Singapore Flyer and Singapore River, have to be in this caricature.
Caricatures group UBS Harley Davidson pencil sketch
Very sketchy, right?
Got to sculpture and refine the faces later when I ink in.

Caricatures group UBS Harley Davidson ink outline
Spent some time on the Harley-Davidson bike and the Fender electric guitar.
My aim was to make them looked good and distinguishable even in black and white linework, not just plain outlining. This was another level up from pure outlining.
Must put in the UBS logo, given that it was a corporate gift.

Caricatures group UBS Harley Davidson Fender electric guitar colour
Needless to say, with the help of colours, every items stood out and more distinguisable.
Quite restricted here, as in the client requested them holding different flags.
Can't play up much. Since it was a corporate gift, I have to make them look professional, and not too silly.

Caricatures group UBS Harley Davidson Fender electric guitar colour framed with metal plate engraving
A small incident here, with the inscription. The 'Super Boss' became 'Supper Boss' because of a typo error by my supplier. Luckily I checked upon my collection. (Can't afford any delay on the delivery, as the client needed it as a farewell gift.)
Just an additional 'P' made so much difference.
My frame supplier matched a nice colour frame with the inscription and the caricatures. Quite a surprise to me.

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