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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Caricature theme - traditional Chinese wedding

Q-Digital Caricatures - Chinese Wedding
The client wanted this (Q-Digital caricature) theme, but prefered hand-drawn, than using Illustrator (still hand-drawn, but medium is digital) to do it.

Couple wedding caricatures traditional Chinese wedding double happiness
Thus, he resorted to taking up my all-time popular category - caricature with theme in colour marker. Hand-drawn, and customise theme and designs. Enough of the traditional Chinese wedding costumes which I usually drew.
This time, I follow the design in Q-Digital caricatures above, made some amendments.
Note the difference between these 2 caricatures. For the Q-Digital caricature, they can only work with the front view photos, as the template are ready made. Customise one is any angles, provided the photos given are sharp and good.
Can't find a good place to put the "喜喜". The best place is to have them holding it.

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