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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Caricature for Deloitte

Caricatures for Deloitte promotion
Did a caricature for Deloitte last month. They came back to me with this new order.
This guy will be promoted from a general manager to the partner of Deloitte Singapore.
Hence, they wanted to congratulate him with this caricature.
They asked me to come out with some ideas.
Quite hard indeed.
Checked with them his job scope for the 2 positions.
She told me his current job scope are mainly dealing with networking, reviews, and appointments. The new positions will be mainly signing reports.
Thus, I came out with this idea of him being elevated from the stacks of books and files below to the higher level, whereby he is signing the reports, happily smiling with a "V" sign.

Caricature for Deloitte promotion acrylic borderless frame
They must be falling in love with this acrylic frame. Ordered a similar frame.
Definitely will look more sleek without the packaging and a better camera (snapshot).

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