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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Family caricatures + caricatures of property agents

Family caricatures 040608
See the difference between digital camera snapshot (above) and a high resolution scan-in?
We can see the midtone, and dark tones clearer, for the latter.
The colours are more true to the original artwork. Needless to mention about the resolution.

The client initially opt out for a digital scan of the original artwork. Thus, I use my camera to snap for me record and blogging purposes. The next day, after her collection, she came back for a digital scan.
Family caricatures 04062008
Caricature of property agent Kelly
These two caricatures are done for their business purposes.
I promised the client not to reveal it.
Thus, got to disappoint you.
She told me she saw the caricature of a property agent I have done, online. She felt that it looked interesting, and thus visited my blog and place an order.
Caricature of property agent
Her colleague (above) also placed a subsequent order.
The client told me that her colleague has one drawing done by me previously. Is it? No wonder she looks familiar to me.

She's quite amazed when she found out that I have been working in this line for 14 years. Indeed! More than a decade. Quite a long time.....

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