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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Family caricatures - a day at the beach

Client's brief:-
"....I prefer the beach related theme. I like to see the people in action in the sun. A hawaii theme like the hunks(my husband and son) in colourful beach shorts and coconut husk bikinis and straw skirts for the gals doing something together looks fun? windsurfing, speedboating with water skiing are fun too. Anyway, I will leave you with the brillant ideas. I am running out of ideas. Just something with the sunshine, action and colourful....
I think it will be fun."

Family caricatures at the beach
No space for the windsurfing, speedboating etc, as it will be too spread out. I have to 'tie' them close together. With the Hawaiian mum, the most ideal part will be at the shoreline.
The hunk dad will be the one who bring all of them together. The son climbing on to the dad's shoulder with a watergun. The daughter with a pail and spade.

Feedback from the client:-
"Jit Leong-

Thanks for drawing the family portrait for me. My family likes it very much esp. my children and my hubby actually thinks it is a very special gift. It is now hanging in my living room and it is definitely good memory for us on our 10th wedding anniversary.

With thanks and regards,

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