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Monday, June 23, 2008

Caricature for HSBC

Caricature for HSBC Southampton FC wine cigarette
Looked familiar?
Yes, I did his caricature last Saturday.
This order came in today, from HSBC too, but from another client. They will need it by this Friday, with it framed up. I got to clear this order before settling those bigger orders due on Thursday.
My gut feel told me that it could be for the same gentleman, before I opened the email came in with a compressed zip file attached.

Few hour later, the client who ordered the previous caricature for this gentleman, called me to check whether another group of their colleagues placed an order with me. I got mixed up, thought this client was the client who ordered the above caricature, and told her "yes, but different theme." Anyway, the answer is correct.

She said what a small world. Both groups looking for a retiring gift for him. Both thought of getting caricatures, and both came to me. Indeed a small world! Think I encountered several such cases before, like the most recent orders from OCBC. Can't remember those longer than these, as they are not posted on this blog.

Anyway, this is their brief:-
".....who will be retiring
shortly and it is intended for the caricature to be part of his retirement
gift. Other info I can give is :

Age 53, but fairly craggy with it. Hair black

Smokes and drinks so we were thinking of a glass of red wine in one hand
and a cigarette in the other ( or maybe in the mouth ?)

Outfit should be the strip of the soccer team he supports Southampton FC
or 'Saints' to give them their nickname. I believe that this is broad
vertical red and white stripes, but will confirm this shortly.

Timing is such that I need to collect the finished article from you on
Friday if at all poss."

He must be a heavy smoker. Both wanted to feature him with cigarettes.

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