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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Caricature of David Trezeguet

David Trezeguet
This batch of 6 soccer star caricatures pencil sketches were all done while I was in Kuantan.
only get to finish them these few days. Quite long hor?!
First reason was that the client just came back to me with the jersey colours.
Second reason was too tight up with other jobs on hand.
Caricature of David Trezeguet pencil sketch watermark
Sculpturing stage.
Besides emphasizing on David Trezeguet's wide opened mouth, I stretched his lips further out.
Saliva within the mouth.

Caricature of David Trezeguet ink outline watermark
Refining the caricature with the ink and brush outline.

Caricature of David Trezeguet colour watermark
Shading came in. The facial muscles were clearly shown now.
I have some fun time in adding in grey shades on his face (would look too brown otherwise, if I keep adding in darker biege) and bald head.
I like this posture too. Blends quite well with his expression.

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