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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Couple caricatures in pencil

Couple caricatures in pencil 180608
Express service - 2 days delivery.
Luckily, this is a pretty simple job, and thus I can squeeze this order into my tight schedule.

Happened to bump into an article online by a caricaturist, on caricature about the headshape, likeness, exaggeration, and statement. He mentioned about seeing shapes within features and the face, and the importrance of drawing those shapes accurately to capture the likeness and to create a concincing drawing. It is difficult to teach anyone to "see", as that ability is developed over time via practice and hard work. (Sorry, I didn't take note of that website, and didn't bookmark it. Thus, cannot cite where I get it from.)

Agreed with him. Really need experience, hard work and practice, for an artist to develop that ability to capture. No shortcut. Talent may help you, but I still believe in both, especially the former.

Digested what he mentioned (more on the concept than skills and techniques), and gave it a try on this caricature. Do you notice any difference here? Seems like the magic works to a certain extent, at this stage. But still need more practice.
Once I figure them out, I will talk more about the techniques in my own way in this blog.

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