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Monday, June 09, 2008

Caricature of Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres
Caricature of Fernando Torres pencil sketch watermark
Caricature of Fernando Torres ink watermark
Caricature of Fernando Torres colour watermark
Fernando Torres looks 'glossy' in this photo.
Thus, I play on the highlights on his face.
Make him look shiny and yet not too awkward in the shading.

The Spanish flag is added in the background as per requested by the customer.
Put in a white outline around him to separate him with the flag.
His 'in-the-air' posture stands out better against the background, in that way.

100 different postures for 100 caricatures.
Quite a challenge. now only 10 caricatures done so far.
Don't know when we will see repetition in the postures.

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