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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Caricature for JLT Insurance Management (Singapore) Pte Ltd

This was not for JLT Insurance Management (Singapore) Pte Ltd. Forgot to make a time stamp when this was done. Thus, squeezed into this post.
Finished the inking of this caricature and the below group caricatures for JLT while I was in Kuantan.
Didn't bring the whole set of colours markers (just too many) with me, as I think the time spent there was just enough for me to do the pencil sketching and inking part. Another reason was that this getaway was mainly to take a break (But still have to work. Sigh.....) and not overwork.
This client is a property agent. His purpose is to use this to replace his own photo on the flyer and calendar to be sent out to his potential clients.

This client wanted a cycling theme for this farewell gift initially. Later, he changed his mind to this chaotic kitchen theme.
I took quite some time (think about 2 hours, considered long to me) in creating this chaotic kitchen setting with the caricatures.
Those people nearer to him are his good friends (which the client specifically wanted it), secretary and big boss.

My kids were fascinated with the animals in this drawing more. They asked me what happened to the chicken, goose and pig especially.

Turned out quite well with the colours put in. Should have added in more of the kitchen setting (they should enhance the chaotic feel better), but afraid may not be able to finish in time, as I need time for the framing part too.

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