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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Caricature live sketching for Siemens Customer Night 2007

Name of this event - HIMSS Asia Pacific 2007, Siemens Customer Night, nosted by Siemens Medical.
Should be a tiring event, as it was long hours, from 6:30pm - 10:30pm. But, in fact not. I was busy sketching for the first 2 hours, after that on and off, the guests came to me amidst their dining time. Still have the opportunity to have some food. Of course, only after the client told us to have some food.

Seemed to be their official/favourite place to host their corporate event. This time, the venue was at Level 69, Equinox, at Swissotel. Same venue as the previous event I had sketched for this company, though different person looked for me.

It was quite rare to have a chance to snap photos at the level. Of course must grab the opportunity to test out on my Nikon D80. The previous one was snapped using my Sony Ericsson P990i. Lens was not big enough, not to mention the quality of the shot.

Taken around 6:20pm, before the event starts.

Night mode, with lens against the curtain wall, to minimise the reflection from the interior of this room. Taking night shots now were so much easier, as compared to the days when I was using analog SLR 10 over years ago.

Landscape mode. Not so orangy. Another feel.

Ok. Back to the drawing side. Hahaha.... got distracted.
The Equinox interior, before the guests came in.

Guests dining. Lighting looks a lot better without the flash.

See the other caricaturist on the left, seated? He's Reggie Wan. Got him here to sketch for this event, as the client needed 2 caricaturists for this event. He is quite a good caricaturist in Singapore. (tell you some stories happen among this caricaturists ring in Singapore next time in my blog when I have the time. Quite lengthy.) Don't want to get a bad one, in case my client asked me why I got her a lousy one. 'Lau kui'. Hahaha......

First caricature. Think she's from Siemens.

A pretty good caricature, with close resemblance, I think.

Lighting getting wierd. Looked bluish, as the sky was turning dark.

This caricature was smudged when I inserted it into the plastic bad. The ink was not dried thoroughly. I re-sketched for him by tracing over the original caricature, while he was dining.

Using portrait mode without flash, and without tripod. The photos from here onwards, all looked blur. I didn't notice it when snapping them. I had to sharpen them in Photoshop.

Nice caricature, but wasted due to my shaking hands. Hahaha.....

This guest asked to go over to HongKong this end October to sketch for their conference, but won't be paying for my airfare. Wah..... like that all my earnings for their event will be used for the airfare and the hotel stay. Maybe not enough to cover too, depending how many hours they are going to engage me for. I turned her offer down, as I have my own business to run too.

Vice president of Siemens for Asia Pacific? Think so. Heard from the MC.

Hehheh... my client - the lady who looked for me for this job. She sounded rather stern in the phone, but in fact not. Think she must be under great stress in organising for this event. As time passed, she began to relax more. Can joke somemore. Hahaha.....

Really blur shots.

One of the best caricatures done tonight.
His features were quite unique, and thus easy to draw.

Another good caricature.

Very blur shot, but I think quite close resemblance, though she didn't think so. Hahaha......

A good one but my stupid shaking hands. Blur shot again.

Gone case shot......

The only one shot which I forgot to turn off the flash, and turned out to be the only sharp shot. Hahaha......
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