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Friday, May 11, 2007

Caricature live sketching for Great Eastern Life

One hour event became one and a half hour event - extended. Think there may be some delay on the schedule. Being the entertainer of the pre-event activities, we were asked to extension our service. Of course, we charged accordingly. Hahaha.....
This was held in Raffles Ballroom at Swissotel. The name of this event was Great Eastern Life Achievers' Night 2007. when the event company booked me last month for this event, he told me that my service starts from 5:30pm, ends an hour later. Few days ago, he called me up to reconfirm, still the same time. Then he emailed me saying the schedule changed. My service was brought forward 15 mins earlier. I said ok.
When I reached there before 5pm, the lobby outside the ballroom was empty. I was arrannged to sit on a step-up platform, more like a stage, as the client felt that the caricaturist was played down in their previous event. Wow, I am shy leh. Centre of attraction. Hahaha..... No choice then. Just do my job as usual loh.
U know what? The event guy told me that it was changed to 5:30pm when I called him up, telling him that I was there, and no one was here. Wahliao..... Maybe he thought that I will be late, and makes me come early. How can that be? I am a professional caricaturist leh. How can I be late for event, after doing this for more than 12 years? I told him straight (ya, I am straight) that he doesn't have to worry. I will come early, 15 mins before his event, so that he won't make me rush for nothing next time. Hahaha.....

This lady asked me whentehr I was from Nanyang Junior College when she saw me. She told me that she was from the same CT (CT28) as me. She said she can recognise me as my look didn't change for since 1991, and didn't put on weight. Huh? Is it? Hahaha.... I think the latter was not correct. I am bad at recognising and remembering faces, even though I draw portraits and caricatures, which should not be the case. But I think I have some impression of her. My wife was from the same batch, same faculty, same college as me. I showed her her photo. She said she can recognise this lady in the photo. Hmmmm...... should be. Hahaha.....

This was the first time I brought my Nikon D80 for event. Ehmmm... the quality was very satisfying, especially without the flash. The default for portrait mode was with flash. Hence, everytime when I had finished shooting with no flash mode, I off it. When I on it again, it will change to with flash again. See the depth of field - the subject and the background? It is like cut a sharp portrait and paste on a blur background. Worth the money. My new toy - Nikon D80 Hahaha.... Still afraid initially that the guests may mistake me being the photographer for the event, bringing such semi-pro DSLR camera for taking shots of the guests with the caricatures.

A nice face to draw as caricature.

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