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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Caricatrue for HP, Australia

The client's brief:-

"- One person, themed marker caricature, A3
- The theme is a girl pole dancing - Note the dancer should be cheeky (e.g. wink her eye or something like that), but this is not pole dancing in it's 'traditional sense' i.e. no high heels or overly sexy outfits, just small dancing trainers or bare feet, sleeveless top and shorts (just like in the picture below).
- The recipient of the caricature is our dance teacher, Jen. It is the one year celebration of her own dance studio that is called "Studio Verve". It would be great to have words "Happy 1st Birthday Studio Verve" written on the caricature also. You can check out the studio logo (with the pole dancer silhouette) and the font of the studio's name on She often wears a top with the same logo printed across the chest.
- The dance move we would like in the caricature is show in the picture below. You would probably need to turn it around a bit to have her face visible in the picture, but I hope you get the idea."
This client placed his order through email, payment made by his colleague in Singapore, who had ordered a caricature from me few months back. This original artwork was posted to Australia through registered mail.

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