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Monday, May 14, 2007

Caricature theme - schooling + parachute

An order from oversea (Japan/US).
This was what the client provided:-
"The story: We will both leave Japan in the summer to attend different graduate schools in the U.S. She will be studying to become a teacher and I will study business. We will not get to see each other for about two years, so I need a picture that will make her smile every time she sees it. The message: I would like the following message somewhere on the picture. "While we have each embarked on marvelously different journeys, never forget that they end in the same place. Good luck pretty girl!" Ideas: I am comfortable with either a standalone caricature or one with a background. I welcome any suggestions you have. The only thing I don't want is hearts on the picture. Here is one idea
- we could be flying from Japan to the U.S. (maybe a tiny picture of the island in the background, with a plane over head). We could be parachuting into school with books in hand, ready to start school.Time: I would need the picture delivered to Japan by June 1st, which is about six weeks."

My suggestion, building on his brief:-
"Both of you parachuting down, books in hand, smiling/laughing. Perhaps bird's eye view. Statue of Liberty looking up, shocked. (She's holding a book in her hand too.) At the bottom of her feet will be 2 schools, rather far apart. In the distance, across the ocean is the Japan island, with a landmark or flag."
More details from the client:-
"She will be going to school in Indiana (central U.S.) and I will go to school in either Chicago or Boston. Since both my options are east of her, could you please draw me to the right and her to the left.
We both met playing basketball. Located somewhere in the picture should be either basketball shoes, a jersey, or if need be a basetball. If you have a different idea, that will work as well.
We occasionally like to go out and play badminton (perhaps a racket handle sticking out of a backpack?).
I often wear my hat, and have included a picture. The hat says "Pomona College" with the year "1887" between the two words.
There are two cities that are important to us, both on the West Coast. The first is Santa Monica, which is next to Los Angeles, and the other is Seattle, Washington. Santa Monica is famous for its pier, while Seattle is famous for its space needle. I will send you pictures of both.
We both have a little strap on our cell phones. My phone has Elmo (Sesame Street), which represents her, and her phone has the Cookie Monster, which represents me. Perhaps you could add a little picture of each. Maybe on the parachute, a backpack, on the shoes, clothes or something hanging from our clothes. Again, any ideas you have would be welcome. I'll send you pictures of each. "
I made so modifications to the Elmo and Cookie Monster on their basketball jersey. Others followed what he requested.
Feedback from him:-
"It looks fantastic! Thank you Jit. I look forward to getting it in the mail."

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