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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Caricature for National University of Singapore (NUS)

The client's rather long request:-
"...... is currently teaching law at the NUS Law Faculty but she is especially fun-loving and jovial. Through this caricature, we hope to bring out the character in her, as a tough but warm person.
For the theme, may I suggest that we have a classroom setting, with a row of 'students' (not necessarily 28 of them and no need for uniform) in the foreground, back-facing, chit-chatting, surfing internet on their laptops,d ozing off, with only some paying the 'teacher',will be in front of the class, still appearing very composed and focused, holding a thick green book (this is the WTO book), and going on and on.......
The theme should center around the course named "WTO Regional Trade PolicyCourse, Singapore 2007", which is a partnership between the World Trade Organisation and the NUS.
......I'll leave it in your good hands to inject some fun and humour into the picture. The WTO and NUS logos would need to be visible though."
There's a limit of number of additional cartoon characters for each caricature I can put in. Thus, I proposed to him to have 3 students chatting in the foreground, while she was teaching. I put the NUS and WTO logos on the whiteboard, on both side.

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