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Monday, May 21, 2007

Caricature theme - Initial D + Hougang Mall

An unique theme. This client wanted a theme of the Initial D in the arcade, whereby both of them are racing. This arcade was located in Hougang Mall. To show the building, I can't put them in the building. Thus, I have to put it in the background. She agreed to it, based on the sketch preview I have emailed her. Ehmmm....she paid for this sketch, as I charged for this kind of sketches to be scanned and email for client's approval.
Usually when they placed an order in my gallery, I will show them these kind of rough sketch, telling them the posture, positions, and setting etc on the spot. There was no charge for this, as I don't have to scan and email them out.

The charge was levied so that I won't be asked to do all these admin stuff most of the time, but to spend more time on the actual drawing.

Here's the draft.

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