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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Nikon D80

Went to Singapore Expo Harvey Norman Explosive Sale to buy the Nikon digital SLR D80 this afternoon after the beach outing at East Coast with my kids and wife. Saw the camera last Saturday there when I attended Alan Tam's 30th Anniversary Concert. No mood to buy at that time, as I needed sometime to consider. What made me to take up their offer was the extra free zoom lens of 75mm - 300mm (worth $499 that came with the package of the body with the kit lens of 18mm - 135mm. They threw in a tripod worth $299, three (hehheh, I asked for 2 more on top of the initial free piece) 2gb high speed SD card, a camera bag, a card reader, LCD protector etc. Bought an extended warranty of 4 years from them too, as my experience with my Sony F717 told me to do so.
My Sony F717 confirmed not working. I am still crossing my fingers of whether to repair it.
I still like it. My wife said it was not worth to repair it further. She asked me to get a new digital camera. That's another reason pushing me and my fingers to lay on the D80. Hahaha.....
This morning I was still deciding on whether to take the D200 or D80, as the price difference was not much if I am paying by 0% interest-free instalments. However, when I was at the sale and tried them out, the fixed focal length of 50mm that came with the D200 didn't satisfy my needs, as I needed the wide angle and zoom lenses. Moreover, I won't be using the 1/8000 shutter speed of D200 anyway.
Now, I had a rather thick manual to read through, to unleash its power. From a few trials and plays with it just now, I confirmed I had made the right choice. The image quality was superb, with the quality lens and 10.2 megapixels.

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