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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Caricature live sketching for Terrapin

Another event ended at 10:30pm, but started at 8:30pm.
Stayed in my gallery to do up the map illustration for Optara (collecting tomorrow) till 7:30pm, before leaving for this venue. Damn busy this week, because of the events these 2 evenings, as I need to draw at night too to clear those piling orders. 2 nights gone, meaning I have to work harder to clear those orders.
It is situated at 3 Rochester Park. Name of this restaurant is Da Paolo Bistro Bar.
Their client from London, company is called Terrapin, requested for my service.
Not a really easy to find place. I have read the map before I come, but still missed the entrance to Rochester Park. Maybe it was too dimmed at that time. Don't know there are a group of restaurants here.

Quite a nice place here. Think they convert these restaurants from those colonial bungalows. Instead of for residential use, they use it for commercial purposes.

Romantic feel siah......

My sketching area - cooling with the ceiling fan, but not bright enough, especially when the guests sit back and relax in the chair. I can;t see their features clearly. They were in the dark!!!
This photograph turned out to be brighter than the actual site.

Place where the guests dined.

First guest to be sketched. From what they told me, they came from different countries like Australia, London, Africa etc to Singapore for a conference, just like the Siemens event I had sketched last evening.) Thus, I was sketching different nations tonight. Different feel, as most of their features were sharp, which were different from Asian faces. Quite fun to sketch them , if not for the dim light.

A close resemblance caricature. Do you think so?

A wrestler theme as requested by him , not Sumo wrestler (as suggested by his friend, hahaha...)

Her face turned to her friends standing at the side most of the time, expressions ever changing, though she knew she needed to keep still. Thought I didn't do a good job on capturing her essence that night. Looking at this photo, still fine - acceptable.

This gentleman was from German. His friend introduced him as a womaniser. Hahaha..... Can tell when I see his eye expressions.

Laying the caricatures for the ink to dry thoroughly, before inserting them into the plastic bags. The longer than expected drying time for the ink was due to slight excessive use of ink and humid weather that evening.

From Africa. She wanted a looked like a Diva. Unique hairstyle and features. Fun to draw.

Last sketch for this evening, before I leave. This couple was from London. This lady has a sweet smile.
Did you notice that I use flash for all the guests? The lighting was a lot dimmer than the Siemens event. Hence, the chances of blur shots were a lot higher than Siemens one. I would rather to have a sharp but not so nice lighting, than a blur but nice lighting shots.


Unknown said...

Really nice work Jit - I'm a caricaturist from Perth, West Australia and have just had a weeks holiday in Singapore. Didn't see a single caricature artist - you must be busy :0)

jit said...

Your works are fantastic. How long do you take to complete one?:)
After I stopped busking at Orchard Road, most of them left too. Don't know what is the reason. That's why you don't see caricaturists on Singapore streets.

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