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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Caricature theme - Pretty Woman + Wu Zun 吴尊

The client's brief:-
"My friend is christian foremost, quite a strong believer, her religion forbids her from idolising which i feel maybe a useful informatin for you when you designing the picture. Probably something thats not too overly exaggerating but still show a fondness of her over Wu Zun."
I proposed the "Pretty Woman" theme to him, as I felt that it was quite appropriate in the sense that she will be closed to him, while not so much on the idolising.
The client wanted a black and white as he felt that it looks more like cartoon, which I don't think so. The caricatures should look better in colour as it will bring out the 3 dimensional structure of the facial muscle through the shading, as well as distinguish the face with the body with the face, especially when there was a background.

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