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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

3D caricature dolly

You may have seen these 3D caricature dollies in Singapore, Taiwan, China and even USA.
I had seen these in Bishan Junction 8. Some of my customers told me that they have seen these dollies in Kalm's. Yes, they are now available in Portrait Workshop. They are the products done by Usually Creation. Adam Koh, the boss of the company has been discussing with me on the possibilities of exchanging links on both of our website, for few months. Now, he will be leaving for China in managing the production side with Qminime. These 2 companies have merged. Given that they need some retail shops in Singapore to take orders and for their customers to collect, besides the Wedding Giftshop in Delphi Orchard, Portrait Workshop is the other reseller for them in Singapore. (In fact, he has placed more samples here, making Portrait Workshop the biggest reseller for their company in Singapore. With this additional product, my gallery now looks more like a gift shop. Hahaha...)
Adam told me that he has collected back on the samples in Kalm's Singapore outlets. Prices are still the same as you see on their website. I will have to get familiar with their prices, before the potential customers call up to enquire. Hahaha... head getting big. They have hundreds of ready-made, semi-customized, and fully customized dollies. It will take me some time to do it.
You may wonder why they have chosen Portrait Workshop? These are 3D caricature dollies. I am doing 2D caricatures. In terms of context, they are similar. Now, the customers have more variety to choose from. In fact, I have thought of doing such 3d caricatures 10 years ago. But, I am one-man-show. There's a limit of the quantity I can produce. These dollies production are labour-intensive and time consuming. Unusual Creation and Qminime have more than 50 artists to work on them, to cater to the world market. I have more interest in creating different drawings (3d digital caricatures too) than in the management side. Thus, I shelved the idea.
As these dollies are not done by me, you may expect a different styles in the modeling and sculpturing of the features, as well as the style. According to what Adam told me, they can get 60%-70% resemblance, based on the photo you provide. They have QC (quality control) after the head has been sculptured out, to check on the resemblance.
These are the 3d caricature dolly samples he has brought in this afternoon.
I will need some time to re-size the images and put them up on my website product page later.

All the dollies sitting on my drawing desk in my gallery now.
Of course, they are not here permanently. I will need to hunt for a rack or shelf to display them nicely. Need to do some shopping this weekend.

Soccer theme.

George Bush - Superman theme. Should get popular, since most of my clients like to feature their bosses as Superman.:)

Marilyn Monroe......'s body in caricature form. Of course not the head. Hahaha....

That famous tennis player - but I don't know her name. Hahaha...... Saw her on TV before.

One of the customers.

Soldier on a tank. Should be popular among Singapore Armed Forces.

Tennis player theme. You can change the colour of the shirt and short etc, at a slight extra cost of $10. ( The body and colour are all ready-made, except the head.)

Graduation theme.

Bruce Lee theme.

Another Bruce Lee theme.

Another customer's caricature.

Baby with milk bottle.

Soccer theme - another hot theme, even not within the World Cup period.

Another graduation theme.

Wrestler theme. This one is bobble-head dolly. The head rests on a spring. Very popular in the west.

Killer theme?!

Young boy theme.

This is what they did for a school in United States, based on their existing mascot, mass-produced it, with suction cup.

Ehmmm, may look a bit obscene. Hahaha..... Pen holder, on my desk now.

Flintstones theme.

Couple - beach theme with surfboard.

Wedding theme, with platform and background.

Beach theme, with photo frame as background.

Starry starry night. Romantic theme.

Couple on Harley-Davidson motorbike.

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