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Saturday, May 26, 2007

A sinful day!

Not doing any drawings since yesterday.
What's worse is that I keep spending money since last night.
Bought a bicycle for my son from NTUC FairPrice Xtra, as the one he's cycling now was rather small for him. Hard for him to turn.
Then, this morning went to IKEA at Alexandra for breakfast. Bought a showcase to display the 3d caricature dollies. This almost all glass showcase weights 42kg. Sprained my neck while carrying it into my gallery. Spend almost 1.5 hours setting it up, with the 2 kids quarrelling on and off, playing with my drawing tools and pc.
Then, went to Funan to buy an A3 size printer.
Had been looking for months for a printer, as my HP 950 Office Jet all-in-one printer at home from my wife few years back was not working properly for the past few years. Scan, copy and fax takes forever to warm up, i.e., not working at all. The only function I can use is print, but it doesn't work all the time. The ink tanks were empty up for weeks, and I am not intending to buy new inks.
I need a printer to be able print on cds and dvds. I have an 8 years old Umax scanner which is still working fine. Hence, I am struggling whether to get a simple function printer, to get a all-in-one printer, or Epson Durabrite printer. Went to Courts and FairPrice Xtra for umpteen times, and still can't decide on which one to take. Surfed Canon and Epson last night, and finally decided to get an A3 size printer. If they have an A2 size printer. I will take it too, so that if I need to print at that size, I don't have to rush to printers to get them printed out, especially when I need to get them done in the middle of the night.
And, I have an A2 size Epson printer 1520. (hahaha.... like a collector for printers) 8 years old too, but not working since when all my computers upgraded to Windows Xp. Instead of printing at A2 size, it print at A4 size, due to lack of driver for Windows Xp. What's worse is that it cannot feed in the paper properly. Thrown aside liao. Thinking of whether Cash Convertor will buy from me, together wth my Lexmark monotone printer. Yes, 3 non-working printers at home, besides the Canon MP780 and the new Canon Pixma Pro9000 bought today.
My wife laughed at me, saying after considering on the budget printer for so long, and ended up buying a so expensive printer of $899. Hahaha......
Got to do some drawing later. Or else next week 'jialat'. Go Go Go, Work Work Work!!! Sound familiar, Wilfred? Hahaha......


Dark Knight said...

Eat snake again? Always hear that you are not doing any drawings.

Your old bicycle can give my son? hehe.

can try to use paragraphs? all lump into 1 paragraph very difficult to read you know.

See you on Sunday !

Come On !!! GO GO GO !!!!

jit said...

Seems like you are the one. Hahaha....
That bicycle belongs to my sis-in-law. more than 30 years antique. Don't dare to lend you too.
Anyway, the chain is loose. Always come off.

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