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Friday, May 04, 2007

caricatures illustrations for MOE workshop

These were the illustrations I had done for Optara Pte Ltd for the MOE (Ministry of Education) Workshop at Rosyth Primary School in early March (Ehmmm.... that was the school my son will be going for Primary One next year). Finally got these sketches after 2 months. There were used in their discussion of the curriculum in 2015 - School of the Future. That was where Optara came into picture, in tying everything together. The illustrations were used to help them to visualise better besides the wordings, and also to break the monotonous of the discussion.

Institutions - branched out into Language, Religion, Legal Framework, Military, Political, Maritocracy.

Hotel - branched out into Logistic/SCM, Integrated Resorts (IR), Finance, Bio-Medical, IT, Education, Manufacturing, Interactive and Digital Media and Design Center.

Cultural and Social - branched out to Arts, Family, Media, Museums, Native, New Immigrants, and Transnational.

The following were the live caricatures sketches done during their discussion in the workshop.
These included the scenario as well as the postures. Hard to capture as they keep moving.

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