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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Look at these worms above?
These are found in my room (on the window frame)just now, inside a hornet's nest (as claimed by Wilfred, after showing him this photo). I suspect these belongs to a bee, but think twice again, couldn't be.
How can the baby be bigger than the mother bee? My wife said it is wasp. She just couldn't stand them, after I broke the nest, and see them wriggling out.
I saw the similar ones in my study room last year, in the pigeon-hole shelf. But those were yellowish-orange in colour. (My wife's conclusion is that those were the older one. The above are the younger one - green in colour.) After I scrapped them out and dumped the whole shelf, a bee flew in minutes later. That's why I suspect those worms are its babies.

History repeats itself. About 10 minutes later, after I have dumped those worms into the rubbish chute, a bee - Ah B (much smaller than last year's one) appeared in the living room. My wife said cannot kill it, or else other bees will come and attack us. She asked me to chase it out of the house. I said I can only kill, don't know how to chase. Hahaha......

Then, this cockroach (Ah Keong) came into the scene which made my wife screamed on the top of her voice and jumped onto the sofa with my 2 kids. I thought Ah Keong saw that Ah B and wanted to eat it up, as it moves towards the latter. Hahaha....

This one can be killed. My wife said must kill. (Can't stand her. Mouth opened bigger than the size of that Ah Keong. What if it flies into her mouth. Hahaha....)
And then, it really flies, when I got the newspaper to hit it. First 2 missed, and the last one, I managed to slam it down flat with the end of the newspaper, just barely hit it. Heheh, and it was just nice and no juice came out from Ah Keong's body.

I turned around to look for Ah B.
Alamak! It was half-dead. I think I either hit or step on it, in the first 2 hits for Ah Keong.
The cleaner who promised to clean up the mess before I started to take action done a good job. She even put a piece of wipes on Ah Keong's corpse. Hahaha......
Till now, no bees come back to look for me yet. Maybe it is late.
Just don't understand why they love to build their nest in my house. Out of convenience? Just because I stay on the second floor. Damn!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello, this comment comes a little late maybe, but just thought I'd shed some light on the insects involved. The nest and caterpillars belong to a potter wasp, nothing to do with "Ah B", which is appears to be a common dwarf honeybee. The bee was possibly about to die already, that's why it flew into your place (these bees seldom enter houses otherwise). And indeed staying on the second floor makes it more prone to insects entering the place! Finally, bees cannot track you down just from killing one away from the nest, as long as you don't get any pheromones on you (that means, wash your hands and change clothes before going out!) If you have the time and can be bothered to, you can find more info on the various species of bees and wasps in Singapore on my website (link provided). Cheers, John

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