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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Rank 2 for my blog!!!

Hahaha..... Finally got a rank from Google for my blog, after 8 months of blogging. Yes, got it today and just only when I visited this blog. This afternoon still zero.
I realised it while updated my wife's blog and saw that she had rank 2 for her blog. I was quite shock, as I seldom update her blog, no to mention that there were no contents, except titles, which robots and spiders can't read and won't like. I checked the backlink, and there was only one, which was from my blog.
I quickly jumped to my blog. Hahaha. Yes! I had rank 2 out of 10 too. So did my son's and daughter's blogs. Got motivation to continue blogging. Hehe.....


Fabrizio said...

EHEHEH! That's a nice thing! :-D

Anyway, I like your stuff with markers.



jit said...

Thank you. :D

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