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Friday, May 18, 2007

better Blogger and wireless@sg

Blogger added a new feature. The auto-save features will save my typing, as well as the images posted. Thank goodness.
Before this, I kept disconnected when I am using my home internet connection. After spending a considerable amount of time blogging and posting images, I lose connection with Blogger. All my effort went down the drain, if I didn't copy and save the content in notepad. Hopefully , it works fine when I am using my home internet connection.
Currently, I am using wireless@sg to blog and uploading photos to Flickr. Didn't see any cons so far.
This wireless@sg is getting stronger signal today, after the upgrade of the cables these few days - from low (or very low signal) to very good or excellent signal here.
If not for the 2 year contract with Singnet, which expires in Oct 2008, I will deactivate my home internet, given that I have free surfing from wireless@sg now.
It is ridiculous. My home download speed is 3500kbps. Upload speed is 256kbps.
Wireless@sg is 512kbps. Upload speed is not sure. Maybe around 256kbps.
I can't figure out the reason why my upload speed to and is only 3kb/s on average, while using wireless@sg is 80kb/s on average.more than 20 times difference. Even my Singnet internet connection in my gallery is around 40kb/s (Upload and download speed of 256kbps).
I called up Singnet, asked them the same question.
They tested with me using the command prompt.
They concluded that the upload and download speed is fine.
They told me that maybe the router cum modem given to me by their vendor (VRnet) has firewall activated. They asked me to check with them. I checked my router cum modem setting. It is disabled. I am getting frustrated now. I am paying $51 per month for this internet connection. The upload speed is however more than 20 times slower than the free wireless@sg.
Let me check with VRnet tomorrow. See what they say. Hopefully they are working tomorrow. If they deny problem was due to their modem, I will get Singnet to send someone down to test it. WTH...............

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