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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Caricature for PSA International - Mermaid theme

Second order from PSA. A farewell gift for this Indian lady who will be leaving Singapore.
The client's request:-
" ......her as a mermaid princess, wearing a tiara on her head, adiamond heart-shaped pendant with a chain round her neck, and longdangling ear-rings. She sits on a fish (I will send you photos of thefish) who is her friend/pet. And somewhere in the caricature, insertthe words:- Living the Fish! Philosophy! (main headline)- Play- Make Their Day- Be There- Choose Your AttitudeThe words can be inserted in different places. "
Don't know what kind of fish was that?
I just followed the photo provided by the client. In fact, that was not a real fish, but a soft toy. Hahaha......

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