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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Getting addicted....

Yes, getting more and more addicted to using my new D80. The more I read the manual, the more I wanted to try out its features. This morning, while my son was learning cycling downstair, I woke up early around 8am+ (though I slept at 2am this morning) to grab this opportunity to try out the Sports mode and aperture on this camera. Shot about 160+ photos. All 10.2 megapixel. Some were continuous shots. Had been busy doing the touch up, uploading on posting those photos on their blogs. You may want to take a look. Just that photos posted that linked from Flickr doesn't look good. They looked jagged. Visit it on my Flickr site. They looked better.
I will try out more again. Hahaha..... Very excited.
I have
Don't think it was so much on my skill, but on the Nikon camera and lens. They are very good, worth me spending a bomb on them. My F717 is good, but D80 even better. Keke..... Anyway, I will send the F717 for repair. It's a shame to let it lying on my desk, not doing anything......

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