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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Samples for Nihonbashi Gallery

These are some samples created upon the client's request:-

"We are a art gallery at Nihonbashi Tokyo in Japan.First, we sorry about poor English of us.Now we interested in dealing caricature made from photogragh in our gallery.Your caricature arts are very atrractive we think.Would you please make our caricature products to order from our customers.Customer's needs in Japan are portrait, wedding welbome board, illustrationof name card etc.Web site of us, now planning.We think we are only art gallery handling the foreign caricature in Japanprobably.We cannot say the amount of selles of your caricature now. But we try tosell and learning ennobles your art.Attaching a picture of our gallery."

Perhaps they wanted to try first. Thus, they ordered the most basic categories.

Caricature in pencil without theme

Portrait in pencil (simple sketch).
Which one do you prefer?

Caricature in pencil with theme of a little girl.
All these artworks were sent to them via email, after scanned into softcopies.

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