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Monday, December 01, 2008

Comic illustration - Day Trader

Day trader is one who opens and closes his trading positions within the same day.
A very short term trade. Lowest risk and thus lowest gain/loss.
This is different from the swing and position traders who hold their positions over a longer period of time.
Comic strip illustration - Day Trader watermark
This guy is no longer a day trader. He's still trading in the night time, even when his wife turns to sleep. This is a R-rated version:)))).
Comic strip illustration - Day Trader edited watermark
Robin wanted a more decent version. The wife is dressed up. Hahaha.....
Thus, you won't see the first version appearing on the printed calendar.

Dow Jones Futures - roller coaster
If you are trading Dow Futures, this is almost trading 22.5 hours in a day.
If you are the guy (above) who has been losing money, waiting for the price to come back to him.
And he could be literally sitting in front of his computer for 22.5 hours.

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