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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Caricature thene - travel

This client told me that they have commissioned me for ABN-AMRO job.
Not sure which one.
Anyway, this was her brief:-
"....I've a picture of me and my best friend. I like to make it into a caricaturein ink & brush with theme.The theme will be Europe. We just came back from these cities Rome,Florence, Paris and London. She absolutely adores Florence......"

Lady caricatures travel to Paris, Rome Florence London
I added Colosseum of Rome, Ponte Vecchio of Florence, Eiffel Tower of Paris and London Bridge of London in the background, while both of them backpacked in the foreground.
I used a bolder brush strokes with some details, since this artwork is in black and white.
I think it looks better, whether it is viewed at a close distance or from far (especially). The lines won't look so weak till you can't see them when it is at a smaller scale.

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