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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Comic illustration - Bear Traps

Comic strip illustration - Bear Market Rally watermark
Besides the evil bear and the injured bull, I like this hatching style, especially the fury bear.
It is a different feel from the previous few comics.
The form is cartoon, but I put in a more realistic shading to the fur, muscles, dust, mud etc.
This is the same approach I apply to my caricatures. Cartoon form, but realistic shading., to make them look cute and yet real.

I like the concept (my sudden inspiration) here too. Before the injured bull can run (or walking?) far with its 'tongkat' (walking stick), he was tripped by the bear, with just one leg sticking out.

STI - Bear Trap
In a bear market, there's a bear market rally, whereby the prices and indices will rebound after continuous falling. They will change from the downtrend to the short term uptrend, until they hit the major downtrend resistant. Investors and traders will usually fall in love with the short term continuous upward movement of prices, and get caught in such situation, which is known as bear traps. The prices turn down from here, and if they don't realise it and cut their loss fast enough, they will get trapped. They will keep praying some white knights will push up the stock prices to their level, to bail them out. It is dangerous, in the sense that what the (especially high)prices they have entered, may not come back to them, in a bear market.

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