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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Caricature theme - wedding in Kimono

Client's request:-
"..Please help us to do a caricatures drawing for a wedding couple with a frame on it. I would prefer theme marker paint and about A3 size, don’t want too small like A4 size. Do you think I can have the background like this picture on a red car with number 8888 but with Japanese Kimono costumes instead ? ..."

They attached this sample from my website, done few years back.

wedding couple caricatures in Kimono BMW Fullerton Hotel
The new version - wedding gown changed into Kimono.
Comparing these 2 artworks, I saw some improvement in my treatment of the lineworks, shading as well as the way I draw the car caricatures. Not moving backwards, at least. That should be a happy thing, for an artist.:))))

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