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Monday, December 15, 2008

Couple caricatures in pencil

Couple caricatures in pencil 151008 - 1
Initially, the client wanted these caricatures to be printed on to puzzles, meaning that I have to finish them about 1 week before this date, to allow time for printing. She's going to bring them oversea, as Christmas present for them. I didn't accept the puzzle order part, as I won't be able to finish them earlier (and 1 week earlier).
Thus, she settled for the drawings alone.
Couple caricatures in pencil 151008 - 2
I like the lady's big mouth and teeth here. Looks comical to me.

Couple caricatures in pencil 151008 - 3
Like the proportion of this gentleman's caricature, pencil strokes on the hair and beard here.
The lady's hair style too.

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